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Journal of Plant Sciences

Year: 2009  |  Volume: 4  |  Issue: 3  |  Page No.: 49 - 58

Pre-Planting (Cold) Treatment of Allium sativum Cloves Improves its Growth and Yield Under Open Field and Open Shade Conditions

O.E. Ade-Ademilua, T.O. Iwaotan and T.C. Osaji


The effects of open field and open shade environmental conditions on the growth and yield of untreated and cold treated cloves of A. sativum were investigated. Plants from untreated cloves grew higher under open shade, while those from treated cloves grew higher in the open field. Leaf production was influenced under open field condition and not by pre-planting cold treatment of cloves. There was no significant difference in the total leaf area and fresh weight of plants from untreated cloves grown in the open field and those of treated cloves grown in the open shade until day 56 and 70, respectively. Pre-planting cold treatment of garlic cloves enhanced total leaf area, fresh and dry weight of plants under open shade. Plants from treated cloves had better yield (clove/bulb, clove size, clove dry weight and allicin content/clove) than plants from untreated cloves irrespective of the light condition. Results show that pre-planting treatment of garlic cloves did not only enhance dry matter production but also the allicin content of harvested cloves even under open shade conditions. Plants from treated cloves grown in the open field had the best growth while plants of untreated cloves grown under open shade had the worst (50% less than the former). However, plants from treated cloves grown under open shade had very close growth characteristics with plants from untreated cloves grown in the open field. Results show that the cold pretreatment of garlic cloves help to improve its yield and ability to utilize light.

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