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Journal of Medical Sciences

Year: 2008  |  Volume: 8  |  Issue: 3  |  Page No.: 310 - 315

Genetic Characterization of Giardia intestinalis Strains from Patients Having Sporadic Giardiasis by Using PCR Assay

Esmaeel Fallah, Kareem H. Nahavandi, Rasul Jamali, Behroz Mahdavi and Mohammad Asgharzadeh


In this study, 325 stool samples from sporadic cases giardiasis were examined by conventional techniques for parasite diagnosis. A simple and rapid procedure for the extraction of DNA from fecal samples was developed. Triose phosphate isomerase (tim) based PCR assay was applied for definitive identification and genetic characterization of Giardia intestinalis strains collected from Tabriz Reference Laboratory and pediatric Hospital in Tabriz. Among 34 DNA samples extracted, the tim gene was amplified from 31 (91.1%). Of these, 13 (41.9%) samples contained assemblage B, 17 (54.8%) contained assemblage A and one (3.2%) contained a mixture of assemblage A and assemblage B. Of these, three samples (8.8%) were negative. The results indicated that PCR technique provides an applicable and feasible method for detection and identification of Giardia cysts in stool samples. The results of furthermore, demonstrated that Giardia intestinalis assemblage A and B exist in East Azerbaijan province of Iran.

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