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Journal of Medical Sciences

Year: 2006  |  Volume: 6  |  Issue: 6  |  Page No.: 1025 - 1028

Serum Cholinesterase Level Reduction in Pesticide Factory Workers

H.R. Joshaghani, A.R. Mansourian, A.R. Ahmadi and H. Tavilani


In this study the sampling from 63 subjects was carried out for two sessions in days 1 and 90. Cholinesterase determination was performed with butyrylthiocholine substrate and enzymatic test was done using kinetic techniques. The mean serum cholinesterase level in phase 1 was 9569±2496 IU L-1 and in second phase the activity of cholinesterase was 7970±2067 IU L-1. This drop in cholinesterase level statistically was meaningful (paired t-test, mean = 1599, 95% CI = 1140-2058, p<0.001). ALT increase in second phase compared to first phase statistically was meaningful (Paired t-test, mean = -7.9, 95% CI = -10.9 -4.9, p<0.001). In this study eight subjects (12.7%) had more than 35% reduction in cholinesterase activity. In regard to reduction in cholinesterase activity of 17 workers which include 27% of working personals in a three months period it seems logical to set a program to have a routine check on the cholinesterase activity in working personal engaging in such occupations.

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