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Journal of Food Technology

Year: 2019  |  Volume: 17  |  Issue: 1  |  Page No.: 1 - 10

Conception and Development of a New Product: Canned Sardines with Lemon or with Ascorbic Acid

Zoubeida Souiy, Fethy Ben Slama, Monia Gharsalli Boubaker and Krifi


The aim of this research is to produce two new products of canned sardine: canned with lemon or with ascorbic acid. The microbiological quality analysis show the absence of spores of bacillus and Clostridium thermophilics forms in the tested boxes. The percentage of medium recovery and of water in oil is in accordance with the standards. Besides, both products meet the various criteria of food safety and the standards required. The Friedman test sensory analysis revealed that the two products are not significantly different. Canned sardine with ascorbic acid is appreciated for criterion taste while canned sardine with lemon is appreciated for preference criterion.