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Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science

Year: 2011  |  Volume: 6  |  Issue: 3  |  Page No.: 247 - 255

Effects of Phospholipids in Diet on Growth of Sturgeon Fish (Huso-huso) Juveniles

M. Ebrahimnezhadarabi, C.R. Saad, S.A. Harmin, M.K. Abdul Satar and A.A. Kenari


The aim of the study was to determine the influence of dietary phospholipids (PL) levels on growth and body composition of beluga (Huso-huso) juveniles. Huso-huso juveniles were fed with an isonitrogenous (45% crude protein (CP)) and isoenergetic (18.00 kJ g-1) formulated diet with four levels of PL, 0, 2, 4 and 6%. The fish were then acclimated to laboratory conditions and fed with a commercial fish feed for 14 days. After acclimation, groups of 60 Huso huso fingerling (mean weight 4.5 g) were randomly stocked into the 12 circular fiberglass tanks. The results showed that during the feeding trials in (56 days), growth performance was high at 4% phospholipids groups. There were significant different (p<0.05) for Condition Factor (CF) fish fed diet D4 had a value of 0.38 followed by fish fed diet D1, D2 and D3 had CF value of 0.47, 0.43 and 0.42, respectively. Weight gain (%) and survival (%) had significant difference (p<0.05) but no significant differences were found for final weight, Feed Conversion Rate (FCR), Specific Growth Rate (SGR), Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER), Lipid Efficiency Ratio (LER), (p>0.05). Significant differences were showed in moisture and protein composition of treatments (p<0.05) but no significant effect (p>0.05) on the fat and ash composition in fish were observed.

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