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Journal of Economics Theory

Year: 2009  |  Volume: 3  |  Issue: 4  |  Page No.: 63 - 70

Resource Management on Cassava-Based Mixed Cropping Systems in Imo State, Nigeria

N.N.O. Oguoma and F.O. Nwosu


This study analyzed the resource-use efficiency of cassava-based mixed crop farmers in Imo State, Nigeria. It estimated the existing scales of cassava producers, their relative resource-use efficiency, the relative profitability of their operations and their determinants using the profit function. Results showed that the identified scales of producers are inefficient in their use of resources but the potentials still exist for increases in their levels of cassava output. The hypothesis that the various scales of operators are equally efficient in their resource allocation was rejected at 5% probability level. The hypotheses of no significant difference in their level of profitability as well as the factors influencing their operations were also rejected at 5% probability level. It was recommended, among others that in advancing credit to these farmers lending institutions in the state should give preference to the medium and small-scale operators because of their relatively higher margin of profit which reflects their potentials for repayment. Necessary adjustments to be made in their levels of resource-use for enhanced level of cassava output and profitability were also recommended.