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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Year: 2019  |  Volume: 14  |  Issue: 1  |  Page No.: 76 - 82

Intelligent Auto Traffic Signal Controller for Emergency Vehicle by Using Wireless Sensor Network

Arshad Ali


The prime objective of this project is to design wireless sensor based traffic signal control system for the uninterrupted movement of emergency vehicles. Emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire fighting vehicles and police force vehicles are required to reach their destination as quickly as possible. Traffic congestion is one of the major problem to be considered. Generally vehicular traffic intersects at the junctions of the road and are controlled by the traffic signals. Traffic signals need a good coordination and control to ensure the smooth and safe flow of the vehicular traffic. During the rush hours, the traffic on the roads is at its peak. Due to the congestion, there is a possibility for the emergency vehicles to be strucked in the traffic jam. To solve this problem, the wireless sensor based signals needed which detect the movement of emergency vehicles and ensure the uninterrupted movement. Hence, I propose a wireless sensor based smart traffic signal in this research project. In this project I will try to minimize the possibilities of traffic jams, caused by the traffic lights, to some extent by clearing the road with higher density of vehicles and also provides the clearance for the emergency vehicle if any. The system will be based on the smart sensors and signal controller which ensure the smooth movement of emergency vehicles.