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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Year: 2018  |  Volume: 13  |  Issue: 8 SI  |  Page No.: 6597 - 6603

Carcass Quality and Yield Attributesvof Bull Calves Fed on Fodder Concentrate "Zolotoi Felutsen"

Hamit H. Tagirov, Nail M. Gubaidullin, Ildar R. Fakhretdinov, Fail S. Khaziahmetov, Ruzil K. Avzalov, Irina V. Mironova, Rishat S. Iskhakov, Lilia A. Zubairova, Airat F. Khabirov and Natalia V. Gizatova


The results of the studies showed a positive effect of a new multicomponent concentrate "Zolotoi Felutsen" on meat productivity of black-and-white bull calves. Bull calves, consuming fodder concentrate at the dose of 50 g, 75 and 100 g/1 kg of mixed fodder had different live weight gain compared to the control animals. The average daily gain was 41, 106 and 118 g. Live weight gain at the age of a year and a half was 16.0, 39.7 and 42.7 kg. Visual evaluation proves good body development of animals of all the groups. At the same time, bull calves of the 1-3 groups had better meat production traits. Compared to the control animals their height at the shoulder was more by 1.7-2.1 %; chest width by 3.6-4.9%; chest depth by 1.7-2.1%; chest girt by 1.4%; body length by 2.7-3.0%; quarter size by 3.5-3.7%. The results of the sample slaughter of young animals at the age of 18 months in comparison with those of the control stock were as follows.