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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Year: 2017  |  Volume: 12  |  Issue: 10 SI  |  Page No.: 8924 - 8935

Contact Impedance Measurements Using Compound Electrodes from Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) Study During Banana Ripening

A. Chowdhury, Tushar Kanti Bera, D. Ghoshal and B. Chakraborty


In this study, electrode contact impedances and their effects on the measurement have been studied in a fruit impedance measurement system using Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS). The EIS study has been conducted on the banana samples during their ripening and the variation of contact impedance with frequency at different ripening state has been observed. The contact impedance under each electrode has been calculated by using compound electrodes developed from stainless steel sheets and the effect of the contact impedance on the measurement accuracy has been studied. The total contact impedance has been computed by comparing electrical impedance of banana obtained with two terminal and four terminal method using the compound electrodes consisting of current and voltage electrodes concentrically placed on banana surface. It is found that banana impedance obtained with two terminal method is higher in magnitude than the four terminal method with compound electrodes. It is also found that the contact impedance under each electrode is maximum at low frequency and minimum at high frequency.