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Journal of Entomology

Year: 2006  |  Volume: 3  |  Issue: 3  |  Page No.: 236 - 240

Pheromone Release Behaviour of Jasmine Bud Worm, Hendecasis duplifascialis Hampson (Pyraustidae: Lepidoptera)

A. Suganthi, S. Chandrasekaran and A. Regupathy


The bud worm, Hendecasis duplifascialis Hampson is one of the major pests of jasmine, Jasminum sambac. The pheromone release behaviour of the female was studied by making visual observations under a 12: 12D photoperiod. Most of the females (85.00%) called two days after emergence and majority of the females had multiple bouts of calling. The earliest initial calling was at 04.20 h. after the commencement of scotophase. The termination of calling was found to be as late as 10 min after the onset of photophase. Wind tunnel bioassay showed that two day old females were found to be more attractive to males and attraction was more pronounced in the presence of air current.

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