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Journal of Computer Science

Year: 2009  |  Volume: 5  |  Issue: 8  |  Page No.: 536 - 543

Digital Video Watermarking in the Discrete Cosine Transform Domain

Sadik Ali M. Al-Taweel, Putra Sumari, Saleh Ali K. Alomari and Anas J.A. Husain


Problem statement: Nowadays, digital watermarks have recently become recognized as a solution for protecting copyright of the digital multimedia. For a watermark to be useful, it must be perceptually invisible and robust against any possible attack and image processing by those who seek to corsair the material, researchers have considered various approaches like JPEG compression, geometric distortions and noising.
Approach: We proposed a framework based on the Hartung technique which depended on spread spectrum communication in discrete cosine transform (DCT).
Results: For the experimental results, researchers had considered various approaches: JPEG compression, geometric distortions and noising. Results showed a good performance in the proposed method.
Conclusion: The presented technique was applicable not only to MPEG-2 video, but also to other DCT coding videos like MPEG-1,H261 and H263. Future study could be on improving DCT and comparing it with existing methods. It could be on discrete wavelet transform that is relatively new and has useful properties for the image processing applications.

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