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Journal of Clinical Lipidology

Year: 2014  |  Volume: 8  |  Issue: 4  |  Page No.: 364 - 372

JCL Roundtable: HDL in the primary care setting

W. Virgil Brown, Benjamin J. Ansell, Rachel H. Mackey and Peter P. Toth


One of the most difficult and confusing issues for clinical lipidologists and physicians in general has been the management of low concentrations of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. We know this to be a very powerful predictor of risk in scores of community-based and clinical trial cohorts. Raising this number in many patients would seem to provide a great therapeutic opportunity, but so far this concept has been very difficult to prove. I have been joined for this discussion by a cardiovascular epidemiologist, Dr. Rachel Mackey, from the University of Pittsburgh and two clinical lipidologists who have studied and written in depth about this problem. These are Dr. Benjamin Ansell from the University of California in Los Angeles and Dr. Peter Toth from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Our objective in this discussion is to give primary care clinicians our thoughts about the recent research findings and the implications of these data on the best clinical practice.

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