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Journal of Biological Sciences

Year: 2007  |  Volume: 7  |  Issue: 8  |  Page No.: 1478 - 1483

Development and Predatory Performance of Coccinella septempunctata L. (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) on Different Aphid Species

Arshad Ali and Parvez Qamar Rizvi


The performance of Coccinella septempunctata was investigated on five-aphid species viz., Lipaphis erysimi, Aphis craccivora, Hyadaphis coriandri, Rhopalosiphum nymphae and Macrosiphum rosae under controlled conditions (25±1°C, 70±5% RH and 12 h L: 12 h D). The overall developmental period of C. septempunctata was found significantly longer on L. erysimi and shorter on M. rosae. The grubs, however, required significantly longer developmental period on H. coriandri and shorter on M. rosae. Nonetheless, the adult longevity was higher on L. erysimi and shorter on M. rosae. Between the sexes, the female required longer period for its development than male with respect to all aphid species. With regard to predation, the grubs consumed maximum H. coriandri, whereas, adult preferred L. erysimi. The last larval stage (grub 4), irrespective of aphid species, devoured more aphids than the other grub stages. The predation by female of all aphid species was more as compared to male. The overall predation by C. septempunctata was significantly higher on L. erysimi than other species. A linear correlation curve showed the dependency of predation on the developmental period of C. septempunctata.

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