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Journal of Biological Sciences

Year: 2003  |  Volume: 3  |  Issue: 6  |  Page No.: 553 - 560

Effects of Different Plant Growth Regulator on in vitro Shoot Multiplication of Chrysanthemum morifolium

M.Z. Karim, M.N. Amin, M.A.K. Azad, F. Begum, M.M. Rahman, M.M. Islam and R. Alam


Shoot multiplication of Chrysanthemum morifolium was achieved from the nodal and shoot tip explants of mature plant using MS medium with different concentrations and combinations of growth regulators. Maximum frequency of explants produced axillary shoot and the highest number of shoots per explant were obtained when MS medium fortified with 1.0 mg l-1 BAP.The combination BAP+GA3 was found effective result. But Kinetin (Kn) showed low performance for producing multiple shoots. The degree of shoot formation was affected by explant types and the exogenous hormonal regime in the medium.

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