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Journal of Biological Sciences

Year: 2002  |  Volume: 2  |  Issue: 12  |  Page No.: 797 - 799

Antimicrobial and Toxicological Studies of Mixed Ligand Transition Metal Complexes of Schiff Bases

M. Saidul Islam, M. Akhter Farooque, M.A.K. Bodruddoza, M. Ashik Mosaddik and M. Shahidul Alam


Mixed ligand transition metal complexes of Cu+2, Ni+2 and Co+2 ions with Schiff base ligands (SB-1 and SB-2) derived from the condensation of o-hydroxybenzaldehyde with amino phenols and nitrogen donor amine bases, e.g. ethylenediamine, 2-aminopyridine, o-phenylenediamine or thiocyanate have been synthesized. Their conventional physical and chemical analysis had been done. Their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal activity had been evaluated including toxicological studies.

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