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Journal of Biological Sciences

Year: 2002  |  Volume: 2  |  Issue: 11  |  Page No.: 767 - 768

Study on the Scientific Knowledge and Managemental Skill in Commercial Broiler Farming Programme at the Farmers Level of Rajshahi District

M.M. Rahman, M.R. Islam, M.N. Ullah and F.M.M. Adeyl


Information of broiler farms, adoption of scientific knowledge and managemental skill of broiler farmers were collected. Data were collected through personal interview from 140 farmers at 6 thana`s of Rajshahi district. In this study, 45.3% large, 30.7% medium, 12.5% small, 7.0% marginal and 4.5% landless farmers were involved in commercial broiler farming programme. In case of educational level, about half of the farmers (47.30%) had above secondary, 36.0% had secondary, 12.2% had primary and rest of the farmers (4.5%) had no educational qualification. In case of feed use, percentage of self-preparation and ready made feed were 60.0 and 40.0% respectively. In vaccination, 70.0% broiler farmers vaccinated their birds regularly and 30.0% farmers vaccinated their birds irregularly. In case of floor management system, 80.7% farmers used deep litter system with sow dust or rice husk and rest 19.3% farmers used slate system. About 54.5% farmers did not have any training on broiler farming, whereas only 45.5% farmers had taken training on broiler farming, 71.43% of the respondents had high level of knowledge, 24.29% in medium and only a few respondents (4.28%) possessed very poor knowledge about broiler farming. On the other hand, 37.86% of the broiler farmers had high level of managemental skill based scientific knowledge. However, 52.85% respondents possessed medium managemental skill and a few of them (9.29%) never cared about the skilled management. So this indicates that broiler farmers need to be trained in routine management aspects.

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