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Journal of Biological Sciences

Year: 2002  |  Volume: 2  |  Issue: 9  |  Page No.: 587 - 590

Estimation and Removal of Phenol in Pharmaceutical Industrial Effluents from Paracetamol and Aspirin Manufacturing Units

Muhammad Ferhan, Zahoor Ahmed, S. Riazuddin, M.I. Rajoka and A. M. Khalid


Phenol is one of the most common pollutants present in the environment. It enters into the soil and water through different pathways like cooking, plastic manufacturing, oil purification, pharmaceutical and timber industries. Good solubility of phenol in water and its high contents in industrial effluents testify to a high probability of phenol acting as a water pollutant. The industrial waste were collected from (AWT) Army Welfare Trust, Bhi Phareu at different locations and were analyzed spectrophotometrically for phenol concentration by aqueous method. The highest concentration of phenol was observed in the samples. In order to establish bioremedial process of phenolic compounds, bacteria were screened for their ability to utilize phenolic compounds. Pseudomonas putida strain CEMB 10124 degraded and utilized phenolic compounds as carbon and energy source. This strain could degrade 0.8 g l -1 phenol with in 40 h. The growth of bacteria was monitored spectrophotometrically at 600 nm. The disappearance of phenol was scanned between 220-320 nm. The decrease in phenol`s peak at 269 nm depicted the decrease of phenol in the growth medium and it was further analyzed by GC-ECD.

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