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Journal of Biological Sciences

Year: 2002  |  Volume: 2  |  Issue: 5  |  Page No.: 295 - 297

Selection Prediction for Yield of Fibre in Jute (Corchorus capsularis and C. olitorius)

M. Abbas Ali, Zabun Naher, Maksuder Rhaman, Ahasanul Haque and Abdul Alim


Field experiment was conducted with three cultivated varieties of C. capsularis and of C. olitorius to study the performances of yield and yield contributing characters at four harvest stages, 50, 70, 90 and 110 days. Wide ranges of co-efficient of variation was observed in each harvest stage in three characters. Two morphological characters, plant height and base diameter have been used for selection of jute plants with higher fibre yield. However, for selection purpose, these method needs a long time to wait until flowering. An early selection method was developed by studying morphological components and fibre yield. Using these methods breeders can do their selection process earlier prior to maturity e.g., at 70 or 90 days age of the plants. This could enable jute breeders to discard most of the segregating population for higher fibre yield at an earlier stage, which could save considerable amounts of time and labour.

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