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Journal of Biological Sciences

Year: 2001  |  Volume: 1  |  Issue: 7  |  Page No.: 560 - 562

Study of Ginger on Root-knot Disease of Brinjal

S. M. E. Hassan, M. Sq. Rahman, M. R. Amin, U. K. Majumdar and H. F. El Taj


Effect of ginger (Zingiber officinale) was evaluated as nematicide against root-knot disease of brinjal (Solanum melongena). Treatment of soil with ginger as raw and dry bark, powder as well as extract in lower concentration (S/100) inhibited the activity of Meloidogyne javanica in brinjal as evident with lower galling incidence. Better growth of plant with lower galling incidence was observed with powder , dry bark and extract of ginger. Ginger was found to be nematicidal both in the laboratory and glass house test.

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