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Journal of Biological Sciences

Year: 2001  |  Volume: 1  |  Issue: 4  |  Page No.: 256 - 258

Effect of Different Levels of N.P.K Fertilizers on the Yield and Quality of Mango (Mangifera indica L.)

Shakeel Ahmed, Muhammad Saleem Jilani, Abdul Ghaffoor, Kashif Waseem and Saif-ur-Rehma


The data obtained revealed that maximum plant height (422 cm), number of flowers (532), number of fruits per tree (940), fruit length (19.11 cm) and average fruit yield per tree (61.22 kg) were recorded in 1.5-1.5-0.75 NPK kg/plant. Maximum plant girth (78 cm) and maximum fruit weight (133.5 g) was found in 1.5-0.75-00 NPK kg/plant. Whereas, maximum number of inflorescence/ shoot (23.7) was recorded in 00-00-00 NPK kg/plant.

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