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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances

Year: 2015  |  Volume: 14  |  Issue: 10  |  Page No.: 300 - 307

Genetic Diversity of Indonesian Native Cattle Based on Y-Chromosome Microsatellite and its Like-Ladder DNA Conformation

Aris Winaya, Muladno and Asep Saefuddin


We used microsatellite DNA marker of the Y-chromosome to know the polymorphism of this marker on Indonesian native cattle populations because the Y-chromosome marker was required as an analog line male as well as a mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) line in female. The cattle used in this study were 25 heads unrelated male animal for each breed and total samples were 175 heads for seven breeds. The highest number of alleles was two alleles were found in all of Y-microsatellite locus whereas the average number of alleles in all populations (the seven breeds of cattle) was 1.1 and the overall number of alleles was quite low (1-2 alleles). The values of heterozygosity for seven breeds were 0 up to 53%. The highest heterozygosity (h) value of microsatellitte loci was found on the INRA 062 (53%) locus in the Pesisir cattle (West Sumatra local cattle) population. While, the PIC values for all of microsatellites between 0.10-0.29 and the highest value was found on Madura cattle.