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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances

Year: 2012  |  Volume: 11  |  Issue: 20  |  Page No.: 3705 - 3708

Assessment of Clinical and Necropsy Manifestation, Losses and Some Biochemical Factors in Broiler Breeder with Gout Syndrome

Adel Feizi, Amin Haghigat and Jafar Taifebagerlu


Gout is a common metabolic disorder that results in abnormal accumulation of urates in domestic birds. The aim of present study was to assessment of clinical and necropsy manifestation, losses and some biochemical factors in broiler breeder with gout syndrome. In present study, two affected and non-affected broiler breeder farms to gout syndrome were selected. The losses rate by focus on necropsy signs were recorded also blood sampling to determination of biochemical factors such as uric acid, creatinine, albumin, total protein, calcium, phosphorus and sodium and potassium was done. Also, the percentage of egg production during a period of 25-64 weeks in both farms were recorded and compared. Blood samples were obtained from wing vein separation of their serum by centrifuging in 3000 rpm for 15 min then the samples freezed in -19°C. Data examined and analyzed by SPSS Statistical Software, Version 17 with t-test in significant level of α = 0.05 and confidence level of 95%. Data showed that there is a significant differences between measured parameters in two farms p<0.001.