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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances

Year: 2011  |  Volume: 10  |  Issue: 6  |  Page No.: 777 - 779

Effect of Different Levels of DL-Methionine Replaced with Betafin on Some of Blood Parameters on Broiler Chickens

M. Baghaei, M. Eslami, M. Chaji, M. Mamoue and M. Bojarpour


This experiment was conducted to evaluation the effect of dietary Betafin (Betaine anhydrous 97%) supplementation as a replacement for DL-Methionine on blood parameters of 42 days old broiler chickens. Total 300 days old Ross 308 broilers were used in a completely randomized design with 4 treatment and 5 replicates in each treatment and 15 birds/replicates and reared on the floor pens for 42 days. A basal diet was formulated as control according to NRC recommendations for starter (1-21 days) and grower (22-42 days) periods. In experimental diets, DL-Methionine levels were formulated either according to NRC (control (T1)) or at 90 (T2), 80 (T3) and 70% (T4) of the control. The incompletes levels of the Methionine in T2-T4 supplemented by adding Betafin to the diets. The results indicated that by replacement of Betafin instead of DL-Methionine in diets of broiler blood parameters was not altered significantly. Although, in birds fed T4, the concentration of the all measured blood parameters except HDL was the maximum or minimum when compared to other groups.