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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances

Year: 2011  |  Volume: 10  |  Issue: 9  |  Page No.: 1166 - 1170

Echography Characteristics of Abnormal Ovaries in Infertile Dairy Cows

Xiuli Peng, B. Cao, G.Z. Deng, C.Y. Li, L.L. Ye and H. Yu


The object of this study was to describe the echography characteristics of different abnormal ovaries and estimate their effect on dairy cow sterility. The ovaries of 74 infertile dairy cows were checked with transrectal real-time ultrasound (7.0 MHz) and echography characters of abnormal ovaries were described. Thereinto, ovarian abnormality occurred about 60% and the other 40% case hadn’t obvious echogenic change. Hypoplasia showed a little area within parenchyma anecho or poor echo which could discriminate it with any other ovarian abnormality. Even though appeared a little echo area, atrophic ovary had much little high echo dot. Although, quiescent ovary was also very little, it had some small follicles which couldn’t develop. Ultrasound image showed large liquid anecho area of large ovaries in cystic ovarian follicle and corpora lutea cases. Anecho area of cystic ovarian follicle had echo of cumulus oophorous and its wall smooth. Corpus luteum appeared much little poor echo dot in crude fluid-filled anecho area and some of them had anecho cavity. Ovaritis showed an enlarged echo area much hyper or strong echo spot distributed inside. The edge of ovary connected tightly with circumjacent tissues reflecting hyper-echo. Few little follicles appeared but no dominant follicle and luteum were scanned.