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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances

Year: 2010  |  Volume: 9  |  Issue: 8  |  Page No.: 1285 - 1288

Bovine Trypanosomosis and Tuberculosis in a Nomadic Herd in Sabon Gari Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Nigeria

S. Danbirni, S.O. Okaiyeto, A.C. Kudi and S.B. Pewan


Thirty two nomadic Bunaji cows in Sabon Gari Local Government Area (L.G.A.) of Kaduna State were presented for screening with history and signs of persistence coughing, emaciation, superficial lymphadenopathy, fever, anaemia and drop in milk production. The animals were screened for Bovine Trypanosomosis (BT) and Tuberculosis (BTB) using Standard Trypanosome Detection and concentration Method (STDM) and One-Step Anigen® Rapid Bovine Tuberculosis Antibody Test (IQRT), respectively. The result revealed that 40% (13/32) were positive for Trypanosoma vivax and 12.5% (4/32) positive for antibodies to Mycobacterium bovis (M. bovis). Animals positive for trypanosomosis were treated with homidium chloride (Novidium®) at 1 mg kg-1 body weight, while those positive for M. bovis antibodies were culled. Post mortem examinations conducted on culled animals revealed no gross lesions for BTB. This study showed that coughing and emaciation in BT due to immunosuppressive activity of the trypanosomes may obscure or mimic BTB, this may result in the unnoticed spread of BTB to susceptible animals and humans through aerosol droplets and the possible consumption of unpasteurized milk, respectively thereby constituting a public health hazard.