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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances

Year: 2004  |  Volume: 3  |  Issue: 7  |  Page No.: 459 - 462

Effects of Dicalcium Phosphate (D.C.P) and Vitamin-D on Heamato-biochemical Parameters and Growth Performance in Broiler Chicks

M.A. Jalil, M.M. Rahman, S.M.H. Rashid, M.R.I. Akanda, M.M. Rahman and M.R.R. Sarker


The effect of Dicalcium phosphate (D.C.P) and Vit-D with ready Commercial feed on hemato-biochemical parameters and growth performance was studied in day old broiler chicks (Vencob strain) to 35-day-old broiler birds during the period from November 7 to December 12, 2002 (For 35 days). These chicks were divided into 4 groups viz. A (n=5), B(n=5) C, (n=5) and D(n=5). Birds of group A was the control group, supplied commercial feed (C.F), group B,C,D were supplied 98% C.F+2%D.C.P,C.F+vitD,(AD capsule was fed as source of vit-D & A=408IU/drop, D=40.8IU/drop i,e 1 drop vit-AD containing the above dose and also fed I drop to each bird everyday) and 98% C.F+2%D.C.P+vit-D. The group D was the reated and target group. The hematological parameters (TE.C, Hb, PCV, ESR, DLC) and weight were determined every 7 days and the Biochemical parameters (serum-ca level and serum P-level) were estimated at day 21, day 28 and day 35. There was no remarkable change in hematological parametcrs but highly weight gained in the treated and target group (Group-D) in each experimental day shown in the Table. At day 21 and day 28, hematological parameters were within normal range shown in the table but serum-calcium and phosphorus level in group B and D were increased. The serum Ca & P level were highly as it was treated with D.C.P. On the other hand due to supplement of D.C.P & vit-D helped in bone metabolism, development of bone and marked weight gained in broiler chicks of group-D. Serum-Ca and serum-P was also within normal range in group-D shown in table Body weight increased in group-D due to supplementation of D.C.P and Vit-D which helped Ca & P absorption from the gut of the broiler chicks and thereby body weight gained also determined the hematological and biochemical values. But the values differed from the values of my research work as their work was differ from my research work. There highly weight gained comparatively in target and treated group-D in day 35 than day 21 and other days. In group-D, due to supplement of D.C.P and vit-D, Ca and P were absorbed from the gut of the birds by the help of vit-D and influence of PTH (parathyroid hormone) resulting proper bone development and weight gain.