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Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2012  |  Volume: 12  |  Issue: 16  |  Page No.: 1691 - 1695

Spatial Variation of Local Field by the Ag Nanoparticle on the PANI Matrix: A Non Linear Optics (NLO) Perspective

S. Nallusamy, J.B. Gopalakrishnan, R.K. Sekar and J.B.B. Rayappan


The Ag-PANI nanocomposite was prepared using wet chemical synthesis method. The morphological and optical characterization studies were carried out using FE-SEM and UV-Visible spectrophotometer. The FTIR band peaks confirmed the presence of the polyaniline in the Ag-PANI nanocomposites. Variation of the optical characteristics of the Ag-PANI nanocomposites was studied while adding the PVA and acetonitrile. The non linear optical behaviour of Ag-PANI nanocomposite material was studied using the Z-scan measurement technique.

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