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Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2011  |  Volume: 11  |  Issue: 9  |  Page No.: 1663 - 1667

Multiple Performance Optimization for the Best Metal Injection Molding Green Compact

K.R. Jamaludin, N. Muhamad, M.N. Ab. Rahman, S. Ahmad, M.H.I. Ibrahim, N.H. M. Nor, M.R. Harun and M.Y.M. Daud


This study presents and demonstrates the effectiveness of optimizing multiple quality characteristics of the injection molding of the MIM green compacts via Taguchi method-based Grey analysis. The modified algorithm adopted here was successfully used for both detraining the optimum setting of the process parameters and for combining multiple quality characteristics into one integrated numerical value called Grey relational grade. The significant molding parameters were identified as (1) Injection Pressure (2) Injection Temperature (3) Powder Loading (4) Mold Temperature (5) Holding Pressure and (6) Injection Speed. In addition, the multiple quality characteristics required are: (1) less defects (2) strong and (3) denser compact. The result concluded that the powder loading (C) is very significant for the combination of the quality characteristics.

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