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Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2009  |  Volume: 9  |  Issue: 21  |  Page No.: 3821 - 3828

Recognition of Factors Affecting the Successful Implementation of Electronic-Banking in Iran

M.A. Sarlak, A.R. Aliahmadi, A. Ghorbani and M. Shahidi


This research examines the factors that can speed up the successful implementation of electronic banking innovations in the Iran’s country. Through the literature review, the factors affecting the successful implementation of e-banking in Iran have been detected and classified into a tri-radiate model of co-structural, content and context factors. After collecting the questionnaires which were distributed randomly among experts and IT managers of 90 banks, the data analysis revealed that there is a meaningful and significant relationship between these three factors and the successful implementation of e-banking in Iran. Using Friedman analysis of variance test, the co-structural factors got first rank, context factors as second and the content factors the third rank, respectively. Mean while, the influencing factors on implementing e-banking were classified and ranked. Finally, some recommendations have been proposed to develop and reinforce the affecting factors bound up with implementing e-banking.

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