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Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2008  |  Volume: 8  |  Issue: 19  |  Page No.: 3479 - 3484

Utilization of Value Engineering to Optimize Concreting Productivity

A.M. Abd, S.M. Abd, A. Ismail and M.F.M. Zain


This study highlights the topics of productivity monitoring and measurement in constructing sector. To develop the productivity, several measures have been done in some area of construction projects. Concreting process is taken as case study. The finding pointed the relative importance of this activity in terms of time and cost. Three methods of concreting process were examined; manual method, semi-mechanized method and full-mechanized method. For small size works, the manual method was the best for concreting work less than 50 m3 for work more than 50 m3 and less than 260 m3, the Semi Mechanized Method was the best and finally for work size more than 260 m3, the full mechanized method was the most suitable. A comparative model has been developed to determine the best method of construction, its cost and duration. This model can also be used as a predicting tool for selecting the method during the planning phase of project.

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