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Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2006  |  Volume: 6  |  Issue: 10  |  Page No.: 2287 - 2291

The Influence of Process Parameters on Lactic Acid Fermentation in Laboratory Scale Fermenter

Maizirwan Mel, Mohd Ismail Abdul Karim, Parveen Jamal, Mohamad Ramlan Mohamed Salleh and Ruzi Aini Zakaria


The purpose of this study was to study the influence of process parameters on the Lactic Acid Fermentation by Lactobacillus rhamnosus in laboratory scale fermenter. The experiment was designed by Taguchi Method using STATISTICA software. Three parameters have been chosen as the main parameters that affect significantly to the growth of L. rhamnosus; the agitation speed of the impeller, dissolve oxygen level (pO2) and pH. The most influence and important parameter for the fermentation process is pH at acidic value of 6, followed by stirrer speed (rpm) and pO2 even pO2 supplied and rpm played similar function in maintaining suitable dissolved oxygen to the cells.

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