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Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2006  |  Volume: 6  |  Issue: 5  |  Page No.: 1028 - 1032

Study and Measurement of Some Persistent Organochlorine Residues in Sediments from the Two Great Rivers (Tajan and Neka) of Mazandaran Province (Iran)

M.R. Kalantari and A.G. Ebadi


The extent of contamination of two great rivers (Tajan and Neka) of Mazandaran province in Iran by selected organochlorine compounds has been assessed through the analysis of surficial sediments taken from four sites of each river by using GC (Hewlett Packard HP5880) equipped with an electron capture detector and split/splitless injector. Concentrations of HCHs at sites influenced by the agricultural regions in Mazandarn province are among the highest recorded on a global basis (up to 30 ng g-1 dry wt.). The ratio between the a-and β-isomers was relatively low indicating contamination through the use of lindane. Concentrations of DDTs (73-91 ng g-1 dry wt. in Tajan and 49-81 in Neka) and PCBs (8-26 ng g-1 dry wt. in Tajan and 9-15 in Neka river) were not especially high in comparison to levels reported from throughout the world.

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