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Journal of Agronomy

Year: 2004  |  Volume: 3  |  Issue: 1  |  Page No.: 11 - 17

Effect of Different Types of Settling of Different Varieties on the Yield and Yield Contributing Characters of Sugarcane

M.S. Rahman, Kuasha Mahmud, M.S. Hossain and M. Eunus


An experiment was carried out at Modhupur agro-ecological zone during the period from October 1995 to December 1996 in order to study the effect of different types of settling of different varieties on the yield and yield contributing characters of sugarcane. The yield and yield contributing characters were influenced by the variety and the different types of settling. Results revealed that the variety Isd 16 exhibited the best performance in terms of number of millable cane, weights, heights and finally cane yield. The local variety Misrimala produced higher number of tillers and lower number of millable cane than Isd 16 but yet it produced significantly higher cane girths and weights. The modern varieties Isd 16 and Isd 18 produced higher numbers of millable canes than Misrimala. The polythene bag settling appeared superior to two eyed soil bed settling following by one eyed soil bed settling. The variety Isd 16 produced the highest yield (144.5 t ha-1) with polythene bag settling. In contrast, one eyed soil bed settling yielded the lowest (112.6 t ha-1) with Isd 21.

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