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Journal of Agronomy

Year: 2002  |  Volume: 1  |  Issue: 1  |  Page No.: 44 - 46

Seed Viability and Vigour Tests in Jute (Corchorus spp.)

Md. Mahbubul Islam, Izaz Ahmed, Nargis Akter, Md. Maksuder Rahman, Md. Lutfar Rahman and Nighat Sultana


Seeds of two jute species (Corchorus capsularis L. and C. olitorius) were collected from two different locations. Viability/ germination test (laboratory standard and pot-culture), Vigour test (speed of germination, hot test and cold test) and other tests (germination after 48 hours and rate of germination) were used to know seed potentiality. The seed lots of C. capsularis were differed significantly in pot culture, speed of germination, cold and germination after 48 hours tests. In C. olitorius seed lots differed significantly in laboratory standard germination, pot-culture, hot and cold tests (p = 0.01). The highest germination of 92% in C. capsularis and 96% in C. olitorius were found in laboratory standard germination and the lowest of 11 and 16% in C. capsularis and C. olitorius respectively for cold test. The locations differed due to vigour and other potentiality tests. However, the difference were insignificant in viability/germination tests. The highest germination of 88% was found in C. olitorius for both the locations Faridpur and Rangpur and lowest 16% in C. capsularis of Manikgonj. Highest correlation (r = 98**) was found in pot-culture with hot test of C. capsularis and in laboratory standard germination with pot-culture of C. olitorius (r = 97**). Rate of germination showed negative but significant correlation with all other tests.

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