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Information Technology Journal

Year: 2014  |  Volume: 13  |  Issue: 5  |  Page No.: 912 - 919

Modelling and Assessment of the HRES Discarded Energy in the Micro-grid

Peng Han, Jinkuan Wang, Yan Li and Yinghua Han


The large adoption of hybrid renewable energy systems and the increasing power requirements of residential loads brings significant challenges to the construction and operation of the micro-grid systems. In this study, the agent-based modelling methodology is proposed to proper model and assess the discarded energy in the micro-grid. With the integration of the agent-based modelling and the system dynamic approach, the proposed approach contributes to a micro-grid model that is hierarchically constituted by micro-grid management layer and component layer. The system dynamics modelling is adopted in the management layer to model the energy consumption in the micro-grid while the object-oriented agent-based modelling is adopted to generate the main components. Furthermore, this study also proposed a comprehensive micro-grid operation simulation system, through which the observation and assessment of the proposed model can be achieved. Monte Carlo simulations show that the model and system can comprehensively reflect the energy consumption and generation in the micro-grid, providing preferred quantitate assessment for the micro-grid operation economical-efficiency and security with various HRES penetrations and time scales. The proposed methodology of this study will be beneficial for the study of the micro-grid discarded energy assessment and can be further utilized to the energy management policy evaluation, electricity consumption prediction and HRES deployment optimization.

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