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Information Technology Journal

Year: 2014  |  Volume: 13  |  Issue: 15  |  Page No.: 2461 - 2467

Design of K-band Integrated Front-end Eight-channel T/R Module Based on LTCC Technology

Liping Wang, Jiarui Liu, Huaqing Tong, Ming Hong, Yiqun Hu, Xiuqin Xu, Hua Chen, Zhiyu Wang, Yongheng Shang, Zhengliang Huang and Faxin Yu


A novel highly integrated front-end T/R module with eight RF channels for the application of a K-band transceiver is presented. The proposed T/R module is based on the LTCC package combined with embedded microwave passive circuits and a variety of microwave transistor dies. Due to the applied multi-layer LTCC technology, the overall size and weight of the designed module is greatly reduced. Furthermore, such design improves the overall performance of the T/R module with a lower cost and high efficiency.

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