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Information Technology Journal

Year: 2014  |  Volume: 13  |  Issue: 9  |  Page No.: 1577 - 1590

Analysis of Heavy Metal Pollution in Urban Topsoil

Yalin Miao, Xin Ji, Wei Wei and Wen Wen


With the rapid development of economic and the increasingly urban populations, the impacts of humans’ activities on the environment quality of the city is prominently increased. In this study, for the spatial distribution and concentration of the sampling points of heavy metal elements in the city, evaluate soil heavy metal pollution by using Single-factor index method, Nemero index method and cumulative index method, determine the main causes of pollution in each region by the cluster analysis method and the principal component analysis method. Finally, we get the position coordinates of pollution sources in the city by building and solving the three dimensional partial differential model of migration of heavy metal pollutants in soil environment system. In order to provide better research for the evolution model of the urban geology environment, we collected more information and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the models.

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