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Information Technology Journal

Year: 2013  |  Volume: 12  |  Issue: 5  |  Page No.: 935 - 942

A New Interference Alignment Algorithm in the MIMO-OFDM System

Yong Feng, Ji- Chuan Guo and Ji Li


As is known to all, the inter-cell interference of the cell-edge users in cellular network is serious which deteriorate the quality of communication to a great extent, so this study formulated a distributed, low system overhead linear precoding to solve this problem. It considered the downlink channel of a cellular broadband wireless system where base stations and users are assumed to have at least two antennas each and are scheduled based on fractional frequency reuse. Then, the study introduced a balancing algorithm which helps the adjacent base stations to simultaneously beamform to its own user while still minimizing the interference on the non-intended user. Finally, in this study, it also analyzed the degree of freedom can be achieved in the cellular network. The simulation results showed that this new scheme can improve the performance of the cell-edge user significantly while causing only a mild degradation in the performance of the in-cell users.

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