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Information Technology Journal

Year: 2013  |  Volume: 12  |  Issue: 24  |  Page No.: 8686 - 8695

Research on the Security of Computer Platforms HMM-based Fault Diagnosis

M.A. Wei-Gang, C.A.O. Yuan, Wei Wei, Lu Wei, M.A. Jian-Feng and H.E.I. Xin-Hong


Health management has been a technology which is widely used in the area of aerospace and weaponry in recent years to monitor the state and repair the failure of a system or component parts. According to the problems of safety computer in CBTC, the study studies the health management technology of safety computer platform in depth such as state monitor and fault diagnosis, using the “soft” failures related to the hardware failures. First, this study introduces the concept of Health Management and expounds the model with Condition-Based Maintenance as the breakthrough point. 1207231545 (HMM) is introduced to the fault diagnosis of safety computer platform, because of the similarities between recognition algorithm and fault diagnosis and its successful application in the field of pattern recognition. Second, based on demand analysis of safety computer in CBTC, simulation safety computer platform of 2-out-of-2 redundant structure is designed using the common computers. The implementation of health management based on Hidden Markov Model can well solve Condition-Based Maintenance problem of safety computer platform. It has certain reference value to health management study of other safety system.

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