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Information Technology Journal

Year: 2013  |  Volume: 12  |  Issue: 21  |  Page No.: 6222 - 6228

Design and Implementation of Data Analysis System for Plant Breeding

Zhang Xin-Wei, Jia Yin-Shan, Zhu Da-Zhou, Wang Cheng, Chen Zi-Long, Wang Xiao-Dong and Yu Chun-Hua


A crop breeding data analysis system is developed to meet the requirements of massive data management and analysis in crop breeding domain. The system adopts B/S architecture and SSH framework of MVC model, so it’s structure has three layers. The data layer is responsible for data storage and data insert, modification, deletion, query, implemented by SQL Server; The business logic layer is responsible for the execution of business logic such as data analysis and implemented by Java; The presentation layer is responsible for data display and implemented by jsp and js. The system has function of breeding data query, preprocessing, conventional analysis, comprehensive evaluation, etc. This system adopts the DTOPSIS method and fuzzy judgment method to process the mass breeding data which could assist breeding personnel for screening breeding materials. Practice shows that the system could improve the breeding data analysis efficiency.

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