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Information Technology Journal

Year: 2013  |  Volume: 12  |  Issue: 18  |  Page No.: 4426 - 4434

Design and Implementation of Home-school Full Communication System Based on Students’ Curriculum Learning State

Zhang Gefu and Zhang Yuan


In china, home-school Communication system used in the current market is of low efficiency and other campus digital solutions for the promotion of home-school communication achieved little too, because the traditional infusion teaching model is widely applied on classes. Thus a Home-School Full Communication System based on students’ curriculum learning state is proposed to solve these problems. This system takes technology strategies and management strategies into account. The management strategies, including learning status tracking, evaluation of the growth index and statement sets and its pattern, make students’ learning state tracking digitized, calculated and counted, which helps to interpret the growth characteristics from different sides. The technology strategies focus upon the implementation of light information systems for mobile intelligent terminal operation. There is an instance about Home-School Full Communication System to explain the effect the system achieves. The example has also shown that the solution is feasible, which can provide an effective tool for these classes of Chinese new curriculum reform.

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