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Information Technology Journal

Year: 2011  |  Volume: 10  |  Issue: 8  |  Page No.: 1626 - 1631

Synchronous Aggregation Scheduling with Minimal Latency in Multihop SensorNet

Liqun Shan, Jinkuan Wang, Yanchao Zhao and Yanchang Liu


This study has addressed the problem of data aggregation scheduling problem to minimize the latency in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). An efficient distributed synchronous aggregation scheduling method is proposed to structure a collision-free schedule for data aggregation in WSNs. By using a Connected Dominating Set (CDS) as an aggregation tree we implement the synchronous aggregation scheduling. We prove that the latency of the aggregation schedule generated by our algorithm is at most 4δ+15R-16 time-slots where R is the network radius and δ is the maximum node degree in the communication graph of the original network. Analysis and simulation results show the validity and superiority of the algorithm.

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