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International Journal of Soil Science

Year: 2014  |  Volume: 9  |  Issue: 3  |  Page No.: 120 - 132

Evaluation of Qualitative, Quantitative and Economical Land Suitability for Major Crops in Dezful Region

R. Ghazanchaii and A. Fariabi


The aim of this study is the qualitative, quantitative and economic land suitability evaluation of wheat, barley, maize and rapeseed crops in Dezful region. The steps of this study include field study, laboratory examination and land evaluation methods. In quantitative evaluation, climatic characteristics, topography and soil characteristic of each plant compared with crop requirements and quantitative suitability classes determine by simple limitation and parametric methods. In qualitative evaluation, rate of yield in a unit of area and in economic evaluation, rate of gross margin in a unit of area, calculated results of quantitative evaluation as show in study area and crops cultivation because of climatic limitations were relatively stable. In addition of climatic limitation, soil salinity and drainage limitations were presence in part of land for growth of the crops. The results of quantitative evaluation show that the suitability class of land units, as compared as qualitative suitability classes, was sane or upper that can be caused as improved managements in farms. Results of economic evaluation shows that the most of land units for two utilization types of barley and rapeseed was S1 class and for two utilization types of wheat and maize, was S2 and S3 classes. Barley cultivation is more beneficial as compared with other crops.

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