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International Journal of Poultry Science

Year: 2007  |  Volume: 6  |  Issue: 9  |  Page No.: 661 - 665

Effect of Prebiotic (Fermacto) in Low Protein Diet on Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Broiler Chicks

M. Ghiyasi, M. Rezaei and H. Sayyahzadeh


This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of prebiotic (Fermacto) in low protein diet on performance and carcass characteristics of broiler chicks. One hundred and fifty six 1-day old Ross 308 broiler chicks of both sexes were used for 42-days. The chicks were randomly allocated to 12 pens containing 13 chicks each with 3 replicates and assigned to receive one of the 4 dietary treatments of 2 levels of protein (low and high) and 2 levels of prebiotic (0 and 0.2%) in a completely randomized design with factorial arrangement. There was not significant difference in feed conversation ratio, Feed intake and tights weight among treatments. Significant differences were observed in carcass weight and abdominal fat percentage between high protein diet without prebiotic and low protein diet containing prebiotic (p<0.05). The results of the present experiment showed that addition of prebiotic to broiler diets containing 90% of NRC protein recommendation had same effect with control diet on performance of broiler chicks.

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