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International Journal of Poultry Science

Year: 2006  |  Volume: 5  |  Issue: 3  |  Page No.: 265 - 270

Performance of Broiler Fed on Mash, Pellet and Crumble

M.S. Jahan, M. Asaduzzaman and A.K. Sarkar


A total of 144 ISA-i757 broiler chicks were fed on mash, pellet and crumble diet in the age duration of 21 to 56 days to compare the performance of broiler on different dietary groups. All the forms of feed were of identical composition as well as same environment and management were provided for all the treatments. The body weight of birds fed on mash, pellet and crumble group from 4th to 8th weeks of age differed significantly (P< 0.01). The highest, intermediate and the lowest body weight were observed for crumble, pellet and mash group respectively. The body weight gain also highest in crumble group (P< 0.01). Feed consumption of the 3 treatments differed significantly (P< 0.01). Crumble group showed high trend of feed consumption. Higher FCR value (P< 0.01) was observed for mash group, which indicated low feed conversion efficiency. On the other hand crumble and pellet group showed better fed conversion efficiency. Significantly high (P< 0.01) performance index and production number were observed for crumble group. Survivability percent of all treatments did not differ significantly (P>0.01). Total cost of production was significantly (P< 0.01) less for crumble and this was statistically similar with pellet group. The results of this experiment give an impression that crumble form of feed is better than mash and pellet form for the production of commercial broiler for the age duration of 21 to 56 days.

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