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International Journal of Pharmacology

Year: 2012  |  Volume: 8  |  Issue: 7  |  Page No.: 628 - 637

A Systematic Review of the Topical Drugs for Post Hemorrhoidectomy Pain

Roja Rahimi and Mohammad Abdollahi


The purpose of this study is to review all of these preparations and evaluate their efficacy and safety. Electronic databases were searched to obtain studies about the efficacy of locally used medications in the management of post-hemorrhoidectomy complications. Data were collected for the years 1966 to 2012 (up to September). Finally 24 relevant studies were included. The topical preparations used include botulinum toxin, Calcium Channel Blockers (CCBs), Glyceryl Trinitrate (GTN), local anesthetics, metronidazole, opioids, sucralfate and one herbal cream mainly consist of Aloe vera. Overall, topical preparations showed encouraging results in reducing pain and analgesic use and improving wound after hemorrhoidectomy. Because of better bioavailability and lower incidence of adverse events compared with other dosage forms, it is suggested to use topical preparations especially those with confirmed efficacy in the following order o GTN, CCBs, metronidazole, local anesthetics, sucralfate and botulinum toxin.

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