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International Journal of Dairy Science

Year: 2020  |  Volume: 15  |  Issue: 4  |  Page No.: 189 - 199

Physical Properties and Microstructure of Ice Cream Supplemented With Minor Components of Wheat Germ Oil

Sameh S. El-Hadad, Natali A. Tikhomirova, Antonina A. Tvorogova, Tatiana V. Shobanova and Mahmoud Abd El-Aziz


Background and Objective: Vegetable oils contain a wide range of bioactive minor components. Minor components are of great interest because they have many health benefits and affect the technical properties of oils and fats as well as can affect the physical and structural properties of some foods. The effect of using wheat germ oil extract, as bioactive minor components of Wheat Germ Oil Extract (WGOE), on some physical and structural properties of ice cream was evaluated. Materials and Methods: Ice cream mixes were supplemented with WGOE at rate 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0%, while the control mix was not fortified. The pH and dynamic viscosity of ice cream mix as well as overrun, air cell size, ice crystal size, melting resistance, dimensional stability and sensory properties of ice cream were determined. Results: The pH decreased, but viscosity sharply increased as the concentration of WGOE increased. The overrun was not significantly affect by WGOE addition, up to 1.0% and thereafter decreased on further addition. The addition of WGOE also increased the air cell sizes and melting rate, while decreased the ice crystal sizes and dimensional stability of ice creams compared to the control sample. There were no differences in the sensory scores of the ice cream containing WGOE, up to 1.0%, compared to the control sample, but slightly decreased with further addition. Conclusion: The addition of the WGOE as bioactive minor components, up to 1.0%, may positively affect the physical and structure of the ice cream; increase mix viscosity, increase air cell sizes and decrease crystal sizes.

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