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International Journal of Dairy Science

Year: 2017  |  Volume: 12  |  Issue: 3  |  Page No.: 170 - 176

Properties of Full Fat Rice Bran and Yoghurt Fortified with it

Ahmed M.S. Hussien, Hayam M. Abbas, Hala M. Bayoumi and Mahmoud Abd El-Aziz


Objective: Properties of Egyptian variety of Full Fat Rice Bran Powder (FFRBP) and the resultant yoghurt fortified with it were evaluated. Materials and Methods: Physical, chemical and functional properties of FFRBP (Sakha 103) were determined. Results: Gross chemical composition of FFRBP was 9.12, 9.15, 9.15, 42.13 and 38.03% for proteins, lipids, ash, crud fibers and carbohydrates, respectively. The total phenol compounds content in FFRBP was 3.48 mg g–1 as gallic, while flavonoids value was 1.68 mg g–1 as catachin and carotenoids ratio was 1.98 mg g–1 as Beta Carotene Equivalents (BCE). The water-holding capacity and oil-holding capacity were 3.2 g g–1, 2.5 mL g–1, respectively. Emulsifying activity and emulsion stability were also estimated. Buffalo’s milk was fortified with FFRBP at rate of 0, 1, 3 or 5% to create 4 yoghurt treatments and were stored at 5±2°C for 7 days. The FFRBP had no significant effect on pH value of obtained yoghurt compared with control sample (0% FFRBP). However, viscosity and redness degree of the fortified samples were increased. The whiteness degree of yoghurt was decreased as a percentage of FFRBP increased. Fortification of buffalo's milk with 1% w/v of FFRBP gave the best acceptability and excellent preference by panels. Conclusion: Rice bran is a cheap and valuable healthy by-product, which available from milling Egyptian factories. Fortification the yoghurt-milk with 1.0% FFRBP was succeeding in preparing acceptable yoghurt-product which had good physical properties beside its nutritious ingredients. In future, it can be applied these results at industrial scale.

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