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International Journal of Cancer Research

Year: 2012  |  Volume: 8  |  Issue: 2  |  Page No.: 37 - 48

Experimental Approach to Treatment of Colorectal Cancer by Herbs and Their Constituents: An Overview on in vivo and in vitro Protocols and Molecular Targets

Abdurrahman Al Diab, S. Qureshi, Mohammad Farhan Qureshi, Viquar Fatima Qureshi and Mohammad Rehan Qureshi


Behind the alluring fame of established drugs in a magical cure of some types of cancers are myriad toxicities. Hence, it became imperative to search alternative approaches of treatment. Although a large number of papers are published to show that herbs, plant products and their constituents are capable to inhibit the growth of a variety of human colon carcinoma cell lines, there is a gross neglect on an impact of in vivo outcome which show overall effects. The present study on an experimental approach to treatment of Colorectal Cancer (CRC) by herbs, plant products and their constituents was undertaken to review the (1) adverse effects of established drugs used against CRC, (2) herbs, plant products and their constituents as alternatives to established drugs, (3) in vivo studies on herbs, plant products and their ingredients, (4) in vitro studies on herbs, plant products and their ingredients, (5) pros and cons of in vivo and in vitro studies, (6) molecular targets and (7) conclusion. The articles included were peer reviewed English language articles published up to November 2011. These were selected from Pub Med, Pub Med Central, Science Direct, Up-to-date, Med Line, Comprehensive databases, Cochrane library and the internet (Google, Yahoo). The search strategy corresponded with points, 1-6 above. The literature obtained is reviewed. It is suggested that the laboratories working on CRC with in vitro protocol may also undertake confirmatory in vivo experimentation with an application of gene expression profiling using microarray technologies.

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