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International Business Management

Year: 2016  |  Volume: 10  |  Issue: 29  |  Page No.: 6624 - 6630

Explanation of the Relationship between Organizational Climate and Job Performance with the Mediating Role of Workaholism among Staff of Khorasan Razavi Branches of Refah Bank in 2016

Hamid Taboli, Reza Karimi Moghadam, Masoud Keramat Nia and Mohammadreza Bahramzade


The aim of the present study is to explain the relationship between organizational climate, job performance and work aholism. The population in this study includes total of 250 staff of Khorasan Razavi branches of Refah bank. Simple random sampling is taken and by using Cochran formula, the sample size is 151. The researcher has used triple questionnaires that all the questions are Likert in order to gather data. In this study structural relation model is used to analyze the data. To determine validity and reliability of questionnaire, content validity and Cronbach’s alpha coefficient are used. Its value is 0.85 for Halpin and Craft organizational climate questionnaire, 0.89 for job performance questionnaire and 0.93 for workaholism questionnaire. To analyze data and perform hypotheses testing and other hypotheses of this research, statistical Software of Lisrel is taken. The results show that there is significant relation between organizational climate and work aholism. In addition, there is a significant relation between organizational climate and job performance and there is not any significant relation between workaholism and job performance.